Menstrual Hygiene management training

Considering the challenges girls and women face in managing menstruation hygiene in rural schools and communities, and the resultant number of girls who drop out of school, we, in partnership with Surge-for-Water resolved to educate girls and young women of menstrual age in the schools and communities in our operation areas of Kaberamaido and Kalaki Districts in Eastern Uganda on menstrual health and menstrual health management.

The Theory

In these sessions, we educate them on menstrual periods, taboos and myths surrounding menstruation and menstrual health management and hygiene. We’ve done and continue to do this in order to help these girls and young women to overcome the stigma and break the barriers associated menstruation in rural communities.

girls breaking the barriers
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The Practical

In addition to the eye-opening education they receive, we add a hands-on training on making reusable sanitary towels, and these with locally available materials to ensure accessibility and sustainability. Given the desperately low income levels in rural communities, the use of inexpensive but effective materials motivates these young women to put to practice this skill for their benefit and this consolidates the impact of the training.

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Here’s what the beneficiaries have to say…

School-going girl

“As a student, going through menstruation periods comfortably is important is for me to excel in school, otherwise I have to skip school for nearly a week each month to endure the menstrual inconvenience from home. I’m happy that now I’ve learnt to make my own sanitary pads, and not just any pads, but reusable ones and that’s such a relief!”.

Community member

“This training has given me such relieving joy that I can’t help but laugh; because for me the struggles with managing my menstrual periods have come to an end”.

Community member

“I am an elderly woman now. But it’s good for me that I have learned to make these modern sanitary pads because now i can make them for my daughters and even grand daughters. I can now help them go through their menstrual periods peacefully.”

So what are your waiting for?

Join us in helping these under privileged girls have a better experience growing up and lovelier memories of their youthful lives.