The fight against the despicable;


Protect a child - Mitigate gender and domestic violence

The Situation

Violence against women and girls is a pronounced occurrence in Kaberamaido, because of the diverse cultural, economic and societal views and understanding of gender. This is escalated by the inability of the society to recognize the roles and contributions made by women and their failure to create an environment that reflects an understanding of these realities

Approximately over 80% of families are headed by women, who have taken up economic and social responsibilities hence changing-roles leading to family break down, child neglect, sexual exploitation, rape, defilement, early /forced child marriages, low literacy levels among women, high prevalence of HIV/AIDS and domestic violence against women.

Conflicts over property rights and ownership remain a major threat to widows, orphans and vulnerable children. The justice system is highly monetized, making it in accessible and discouraging for the poor to access justice.


POPOW works to consolidate and support human rights initiatives with specific focus on Child Protection, prevention and management of gender and domestic violence. It also supports avenues for conflict resolution through legal aid, community justice, mediation and good governance.

Advocacy on gender and domestic violence against women and children is strengthened through community sensitization to reduce on the number of abuse of children and women by their husbands and families. Sensitization on the value of girl child is  supported especially in schools and in communities, where girls are kept out of or drop out of school due to the cultural norms that discriminate against them.   

Ever heard a victim's story???

The names used in these stories have been changed to protect identities.

Sarah 8 years  was defiled by a 23 year old man because her mother, a widow with 5 children, had borrowed some  money UGX 10,000 ,approximately USD 2.9$ from him to buy food for her children, but failed to pay back in time, so the perpetrator  in return defiled Sarah, while her mother was away in the market. When the matter was reported to police, the perpetrator bribed his way out, but when POPOW got to know about  the case, the matter was reported to a children’s rights organization, who worked closely with POPOW to ensure that the perpetrator was  re-arrested, now he is serving a 10year sentence in jail. Meanwhile POPOW referred Sarah to a major hospital in Kampala where she was operated and treated. She is recovering well, but still faced with emotional distress, fear and psychological torture.

John 14 and his siblings live  with their step mother, who mistreated them. Every day each one of them was made to fetch 60 liters of water, wake up very early in the morning to dig and do domestic work before going to school. Besides that she would beat them with physical injuries and deny them food. POPOW conducted a  family therapy and today Betty their step mother has transformed and is taking very good care of the children. Their physical health and performance in school have improved.

Esther 15, is an orphan. Her father was killed in a protracted civil war. Her mother a widow with 6 children was chased away from her marital home by her husband’s family after his death. This left her with no option for livelihood, resulting in her children dropping out of school. She decided to send Esther to the city to for domestic work in order to generate money for the family. While in the city, where she had gone to work, she ended up being raped by her employer and got pregnant. When the perpetrator learnt that she was pregnant, he put her in a bus and sent her back to her mother. This made Esther a single desperate child mother, without any skills or source of livelihood. She wants to  take  a vocational skills training on hairdressing  to help  her earn income,

Junior 7, was born HIV positive and his mother passed on,  he lived with his father and step mother  who mistreated him. Junior was denied food and was physically tortured by his step mother. A neighbor who got concerned about his condition picked him and took him to the hospital where he was dumped. POPOW staff found him helpless at the Hospital. POPOW referred Sam to a better hospital with good facilities for children infected by HIV, where he is currently undertaking free treatment and good care. His health is improving and he can now play.