A word from the Director

POPOW was initiated in the year 2009, following my personal experience as a little child, seeing many poor and vulnerable children living in the dusty streets, eating from the garbage disposal and sleeping in the cold.  Each time I went to town I would meet the desperate faces of children. This caused me pain and unrest. Whenever it rained at night, I would wake up and fail to sleep because of the thought of the many children who were in the cold at that time.

The passion was further escalated with my experience working in Northern Uganda, a region that was devastated by protracted civil armed conflict which was characterized by abduction of women, children and youth, torture, rape, displacement, killing and all sorts of crimes against humanity.

Being part of the great huge team that worked to help the victims of the conflict come to terms with the reality of this pain and seeing them change and transform into peaceful and productive people in their communities, I developed a strong passion and belief that there is something I could do to help and made up my mind that wherever I would go or be, I would do something to help the poor, vulnerable and needy especially women and children to realize their full potentials for sustainable livelihoods.

It’s through this inspiration that I resigned from the well-paying jobs and went back to my village, a rural and poor community of Kaberamaido and started Prince of Peace Orphans and Widows in June 2015, where we are currently supporting vulnerable children, youth, women and entire communities through water, sanitation and hygiene, education, Economic Empowerment, child protection, life skills development for the youth, mitigation of domestic violence and psycho-social support.

My motivation and satisfaction is to see positive change and sustainable livelihoods among the communities.

I would like recognize and appreciate Kaberamaido District Local Government Leaders, heads of departments, political leaders, spiritual /opinion/ community leaders, and the entire communities of Kaberamaido for the technical, ethical and spiritual support they have all rendered to POPOW that has enabled us to achieve remarkable milestones in advancing POPOW’s objectives.

Special appreciation goes to Shilpa Alva Akello for the open doors she has created for POPOW that has enabled us to meet most of our objectives and for connecting us to a great Surge team and volunteers from over 16 countries.  They are all a blessing to POPOW and Kaberamaido.

I would like to recognize and appreciate the contribution of POPOW Board members and staff for always committing their time to selflessly serve the communities of Kaberamaido.

Heart felt appreciation goes to young Briana and Meddie, Aidan, Jay, Adam and Maya for inspiring the vulnerable children of Kaberamaido.

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