Amukurat Primary School is one of the oldest primary school which started in 1935 in Otuboi Sub-County, Kalaki District. It has an enrolment of 1045 pupils of which 520 are male and 525 are female. The school has 12 teachers, 10 are in the government payroll and 2 are paid by the parents and out of these teachers 8 are male and 4 are female. In 2017 the administration of Amukurat primary school submitted a request to POPOW for construction of new school latrines for the children because the only functional latrines at the school that time was constructed in 1980s and it had become very dilapidated hence exposing the lives of the users( children) at risk. It was a five stance latrine which served 1045 children (boys, girls and the teachers as well). So the ration of child to stance was 209 children to 1 stance. With this congestion, the children started practising open defecation in the nearby bushes while other changed school and some simply drooped out of school especially the older girls because of the stigma and shame they would face while queuing to access the latrine. In response to mitigate this problem, the school together with parents decided to construct a 3 stance latrine to serve the boys, but shortly after that the girl’s latrine collapsed and the school remained with only 3 stances serving 1045 children , so the ratio of child to stance rose to 348 children to 1 stance . The situation became pathetic and the ministry of health and education decided to close the school it was at this point that Surge came in to rescue the situation.